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I upgraded to the new SeaMonkey suite 2.49.5. I have been a user since SeaMonkey started. I am having a problem with certain sites giving me your browser is not supported. These are sites I have used many times before with old version. Why does this happen with the new version? Is there a fix? I really do not like Firefox.


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The problem is likely NOT with SeaMonkey but with those sites using inaccurate browser sniffing technology which doesn't recognize the new version of SeaMonkey. viewtopic.php?f=40&t=3040658&p=14845000&hilit=user+agent#p14845000


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These sites have URLs?

What were you using before?
Are you using the same Profile as before?

Possibly related to Lightning (which by default announces itself in your UA - though it appears it is not doing that in your case).
(Can be disabled; Preferences | Advanced -> HTTP Networking -> User Agent String)
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