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Post Posted January 15th, 2020, 8:21 am

Are you saying that the Apple Mail import function did not meet your needs? ... lp1030/mac Thunderbird stores messages in mbox format, basically a text file containing all of the messages in a given folder, including any attachments, along with structured header information for each message. That Apple support article specifically refers to importing “Files in mbox format,” so it seems to address your situation.

Keep in mind that the incentive for application developers is on the import side, not on the export process. They would like to have more users of their product and would support that by providing import functionality. Exporting data might be helpful to users leaving their current application but would not be of value to the developers of that product. This would suggest the burden should be on Apple Mail to provide a way to deal with your 300+ folders and thousands of messages.

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Thank you. I've been through all that. I made scores of attempts and at best I migrated in one go about 50% of my archive of messages. It produced no set pattern. Each folder brought a different percentage of its original contents. In short - chaos and bad news.
While I understand developers care for IMPORT rather than EXPORT, I think that SM developers should understand the situation, that as much as one likes SM or TB, new Apple computers very soon will not support those mail vehicles. If developers care for their users, they should devise a way for them to get out. I am a Mac user since 1986 and a Mozilla/SM user for 20-25 years. As much as I like this home, circumstances will soon lead to my eviction and eventually - with new Apple computers coming - unless I migrate early to Apple's MAIL, I shall not be able to refer back to my SM archive. I strongly believe that SM must come quickly with an EXPORT function, or at least refresh this vehicle to match Apple's new hardware and OS. I do not know how many Apple users still rely on SM, but they are call condemned to a digital disaster.
I hope SM developers are reading this.

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