When watching youtube videos Seamonkey use Windows CODECs ?

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Thanks Seamonkey coders. I use Seamonkey since before 2010.
I use an Windows 10 64 version modified using WinReducerEX-100 that Windows video and audio CODECs are removed in installation.
When playing Youtube few videos not are possible to play and is displayed message that the browser not has CODECs to play the video.
When playing youtube videos Seamonkey use internall CODECs or CODECs in Windows system folder ?
Thanks for reply.
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Post Posted January 11th, 2020, 9:15 am

(Talking out my butt...)

On Windows, I believe it will be a combination of OS & builtin (depending on the particular codec).

On Linux, likely to be that FFmpeg is required to be installed.

YT has a page (URL escapes me) that shows what codecs are enabled for a particular browsers/OS combination.
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