2.53 memory leaks

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Post Posted March 21st, 2020, 7:03 am

It seems like the memory leaks in 2.53 are worse than in 2.49. I am now using SM x64 instead of x86 - don't know if that makes a difference. I can get up to 1.5GB fast, and SM starts slowing down noticeably. Closing all tabs (but one) doesn't release much of the memory.

I've tried to narrow it down to a site or add-on, but can't determine a single cause. I'm using only uBlock and web tools add-ons (which I've had for years). The only time I actually saw memory clearly increase is when playing a video, like on Yahoo's page.

Anyone else seeing this or have a good way to debug. It is really bad - I have to shutdown SM multiple times per day.


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Post Posted March 21st, 2020, 1:54 pm

Have you tried starting in Mozilla Safe Mode?
If no improvement using Safe Mode, do you have the same problem if you create a new profile and test it with no extensions or non-default themes installed?

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Post Posted March 23rd, 2020, 3:00 am

Well I can get to 3 or 4GB fast on some websites. They just need to use a lot of javascript or html5. Going to 1.5 GB is no memory leak. The question is if it is actually released later.

Check about:memory to see if something sticks out. Also use uBlock Origin and Noscript to block junk. This helps tremendously.



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Post Posted March 23rd, 2020, 7:00 am

Depending on what I do, where I go, I can quickly get SeaMonkey (browsers in general) to a point where they simply eat memory, &/or to the point where usability declines - significantly, & the only viable option is to restart.
(In my case, most often this occurs when visiting video sites.)

SeaMonkey, is my stable, do everything, work the way I want to work, work browser.
But I also understand its limitations on today's "crap" websites.
Some sites simply do not work as well on SeaMonkey as they do on other browsers.

So for "crap" sites, I tend to use (cough) FF - which is often better behaved on crap sites, or can more efficiently use more memory before becoming over-tasked.
(Actually, I don't use FF, I simply throw crap at it.)

If I still decide to use SeaMonkey in such a way, if I am running into sites where memory is rapidly ramped up, where performance rapidly declines, I restart SeaMonkey & let it have another go at things.
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Post Posted March 24th, 2020, 4:25 pm

I second therube's experience. Media is certainly one culprit. It does seem to be a bit unpredictable and hard to pin down.

Safe mode doesn't make much of a difference. I opened only Yahoo! and let it set for 8+ hours. It started out lower (~220MB) than with my profile (~320MB), but it still ate it up to 800MB. I opened a new tab it and dropped to ~320MB.

Usually the memory does not release, and that is why I have to shut down. I wouldn't care so much if performance didn't drop off at a mere 1GB. 3-4GB is just ridiculous for a web browser, IMHO. (You got 500 tabs open or something?)

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