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Post Posted May 17th, 2020, 6:12 am

Same problem on 2 different PCs using Seamonkey. Since Zoom's forced upgrade no audio. Last week installed Zoom on PC Mint 19.3 using wrapper. Installed and tested OK . Joined a meeting,, joined OK, video Ok but no audio, but all audio tests OK. Reverted to old Windows 7 laptop which I used 2 wks ago to join a Zoom meeting without problems. Same outcome, audio tests OK, but no audio at meeting. Tried Zoom's <test meeting> no problems, but still no audio at actually meeting.

Is this a Seamonkey problem? 2 PCs have in common, Zoom upgrade, Seamonkey, same internet provider, and me.


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Post Posted May 18th, 2020, 7:42 pm

Does Zoom work "within" a browser?
(I've only used it... "stand-alone", I guess ? it is.)

Have a link to an "open" Zoom meeting (or whatever).
(They have test, something or the other, & it asked, 'did you hear sound' (which I did), but then no actual Zoom meeting, or whatever loaded. So the test part worked, but nothing live to test it on. Mothers Day, I Zoom'd, & did have audio.)
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Post Posted May 19th, 2020, 1:47 am

I think that I have found the answer. It's the forced upgrade to Zoom 5. I suspect I was placed in the <waiting room> and needed the host to invite me in. Zoom 5 is supposed to stop uninvited guests joining a meeting and shouting abuse. The new default is to the silence joiners to a waiting room until they're invited in. Given that I was late in joining a meeting of over 50 the host didn't notice me joining.
All users are being upgraded to Zoom 5 by the end of the month.
Pre Zoom 5 I've used Zoom from/within Seamonkey on a Windows PC. On a Linux Mint PC Zoom doesn't work from Seamonkey, but can install wrapper and use as stand alone.
I've never been keen on Zoom but others selected it for our meetings. I'm even less keen now I've seen how many sucuriety flaws it has.

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