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Post Posted July 1st, 2020, 12:21 am

Lost a folder in my SeaMonkey mail Local Folders. Using Acronis TrueImage 2020 for backup/restore.

The issues are two.

Of the three structures needed for each folder, the .sbd, the .msf, and the .<empty>, only the .msf and the .<empty> are present in the backup. So, I'm pursueing that issue in the Acronis forum - no solution so far.

Second, when I try to restore the .msf, and the .<empty>, they don't seem to make it to the Local Folders folder in the profile. Acronis says that read only files will be restored with no issues, but it's not happening. Yes, I have the view set to show hidden and system files and the like. Also, I've messed with changing the permissions for the folder. It seems to work, but when I go back in to check, it's back to read only.

So, my question is how does one restore a folder into the SeaMonkey Local Folders directory? Yes, I've looked for the answer on the internet, but all of the answers I've found seem to be for particular situations. Like SeaMonkey quits working requiring re-install, or the system crashed, or this or that other complicated situation. Also, there are several solutions that seem to be obsolete.

So, if someone could direct me to a strait forward procedure for this, or just reply with it, I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.


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dbird1999 wrote:Lost a folder in my SeaMonkey mail Local Folders.

Don't worry - nothing important there. User's main and default folder for profiles is here:
Code: Select all

This one requires regular backup.


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Post Posted July 1st, 2020, 4:43 am

You don't need the .msf file at all as it will be rebuilt by SeaMonkey as required. The file with no extension is the actual message file and that can simply be copied back into the the Local Folders directory (with SeaMonkey not running). Once visible in SeaMonkey, you can recreate any sub-folder structure that existed before. The .sbd file is only used to create the folder hierarchy. As the Knowledge Base describes it:
Thunderbird uses *.sbd subdirectories to create a folder hierarchy. So a Local Folders\1\2\xyz folder would be stored as a "xyz." mbox file at Mail\Local Folders\1.sbd\2.sbd\3.sbd . That directory would also have a empty xyz.sbd subdirectory created in preparation for you someday creating a child folder of xyz. Ignore it.

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