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I have quite a few questions which MAY have something to do with the 2.53.1 BETA version I've been using of SeaMonkey!

I have a Mac CATALINA (latest version) and I just realized that is has a feature (ENABLE VOICE CONTROL) which allows you to speak to iMessages, Apple Mail or MESSENGER or anything and it will type what you say. Now I've known that Mac has had DICTATION for years where you click on "fn" twice and it does the same thing although it does not really let you say a lot without it stopping and you have to start speaking again.

Anyway about an hour ago I ENABLED VOICE CONTROL and it works great with the applications I mentioned above but unfortunately when it comes to sending e mails out in SeaMonkey it doesn't seem to work (although the "fn" DICTATION does work in SM). I called APPLE and talked to them for quite awhile but they couldn't help and suggested it could be a SM problem and that maybe I needed to reinstall SM and maybe that would help.

I checked which version of SM I have and, as mentioned, it's the BETA version.

My questions are:
1) Do you think that if I get rid of the BETA version and downloaded the regular version of 2.53.1 (or maybe there's an update now available?) that I could use the ENABLE VOICE CONTROL with no problem when I send out e mail from SM or maybe this this feature just isn't compatible with SM???
2) If that would work could you please tell me how to do it because I read that I would have to do a full backup of my profile first which I'm not 100% sure how to do properly

Many thanks as usual.


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The current beta is 2.53.3b1 2.53.1 is a bit outdated. 2.53.3 should be available soon. It is done and just needs to be uploaded. Only a few fixes over 2.53.3B1. A lot of macOS fixes did go in 2.53.2 and 2.53.3 but I am not aware of anything voice specific. Searching for Firefox and Apply voice control indicates that Fx does have problems with it even in the current version so SeaMonkey should have the same limitations or more.

Voice control is something probably not a lot of SeaMonkey users need so unless a specific bug is in need to be ported I doubt you will see any improvements soon.


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Many thanks for the information. I kinda figured this was the case.

Anyway looking forward to the .2 version of SM

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