"hide the tab when one tab" for future versions?

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Peter Creasey

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Post Posted August 3rd, 2020, 4:19 pm

frg wrote: makes me wonder if I should spend more than the minimal time doing them.

You are doing an invaluable job. Just please do it in the manner which best suits your schedule and mind set.
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Post Posted August 4th, 2020, 8:29 am

frg wrote:The reason why I flipped it is in bug 1634879. I always needed to turn it on for testing and got tired of it. Also prefer it that way because the display always takes a minor flip flop when the tab bar appears and hides. So it was once per user and profile against mine continuous setting up new profiles and testing tab bar behaviour. IanN was ok with it and so I used the power of the dev. Unlike devs from other products I will not cite telemetry that only 0.01% actually used it as the reason why I wanted something :)

frg wrote:No. It was a one time change. If you flip it it will stay flipped in future releases.

What I really fid disheartening is that no one seems to read the release notes. It is mentioned under: What's New in SeaMonkey 2.53.3

If it helps, I would have written this -

The preference "browser.tabs.autoHide" which autohides the tab bar when there is only one tab in a browser window open has been flipped in bug 1634879. SeaMonkey will now show the tab bar as the default. You can change it back by checking "Hide the tab bar when only one tab is open" in "Preferences->Browser->Tabbed Browsing" this....

#6. The tab bar is now shown by default when only one tab is open (bug 1634879). This change was needed as new users did not see either the tab bar or its New Tab button on a fresh installation.

Existing users of the option 'Hide the tab bar when only one tab is open' will need to make a one time only change in Preferences->Browser->Tabbed Browsing.

I ditched the opening 'The preference "browser.tabs.autoHide"....' bit, as that immediately lost 80% of the userbase, who either don't understand about:config preferences or are to cautious to ever change them. The rest is just simplified and written to be easily understood.

Mind you, probably easier for me, as I was writing for this MozZ Knowledge Base for a good long while. e.g - ... on_Windows

On a general note, the Release Notes are, I think, far too long and this is why the average user doesn't read them or understand them, when they do.
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Post Posted August 8th, 2020, 4:22 pm

Frank release notes updated. I picked yours and only changed it a tiny weeny little bit :)

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