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Post Posted January 30th, 2021, 8:57 pm

Quite frequently when browsing any website (small no. of tabs) I get 'Not Responding' messages displaying in Task Manager.
At that time my CPU goes from 5% or so to 30% and my Memory goes to between 50% and 65% from 'normal'. using around 600MB to 800 MB of mem.

My main concern is the sudden high CPU and the subsequent 'Not Responding' messages which clear after 5-10 minutes but sometimes force a reboot.

Not absolutely certain but appears to have become a problem after upgrading Win 10 from 1909 to 2004 version.
I am running a stock Dell Optiplex 9020 with I5 4th gen CPU and 8 Gig of ram and using ReadyBoost to enhance memory & disk performance.

I have tried Safemode but makes no difference. I had previously put 64-bit 2.53.2 over top of 32-bit 2.53.1 with No Problems, when running Win 10 1909.
I only get any problems with SeaMonkey suite (Browser & Mail). All other apps run perfectly fine.

Rather than pointing fingers at minor customisations can someone please provide explicit instructions to diagnose and fix the problem.
Else I will be forced to leave SeaMonkey which I have used for a very long time and will be asking how to migrate my Mail profile to something else which I am loath to do as I have a very large amount of Mail to migrate.


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Thought I would try installing uBlock-for-firefox-legacy,

- aka - download the XPI file.

and see what happens when browsing a typically failing website.

Results. A drop from 30% CPU at point of failure down to 2.5% - 5% CPU at normal running, and
At least a 30% drop in memory usage (with double the Tabs!) eg 8x browser Tabs

Very happy! No more intermittent 'Not Responding' error messages showing in Task Manager!

Seems to me that loading uBlock-for-firefox-legacy should be almost mandatory to get 2.53 series SM working efficiently on Windows 10.
But no ads / popups is the penalty.

One final question. If neccessary could I go back to the 32-bit version of SM to save on even more memory? or stay on 64-bit?


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The amount of junk ads and content websites serve is staggering. For fine tuning I would also recommend NoScript 5.1.9 but this is not for the inexperienced user.

If it were just me I would phase out the x86 versions any day now. Intitially it uses about 20% less memory but long term this doesn't add up much and the x64 is able to go along where the x86 will die with an out of memory error sooner or later because of said websites liking to fecth junk javascript from 10 or more other sites. Mulitmedia and a few open tabs can exhaust the available memory space of the x86 version.


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