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Post Posted February 1st, 2021, 3:09 am

hello experts,
At first I upgraded from 2.53.3 to – all my passwords are lost.
Then I tried to re-install version 2.53.3 again - the passwords still lost.
Now I installed Version 2.53.6 but, no chance, the passwords are lost.

Is there any chance to get them again ?
Whats abut importing my passwords from FireFox ot from an earlier Version 2.49.* running on my notebook ?
thanks for help
Jochen from Germany
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Post Posted February 1st, 2021, 7:09 am

There was nothing special in these versions. Did you have a master password set? Check your profile if you find logins.json, cert9.db and key4.db. cert8.db and key3.db are the old versions and should not be there. There might also be a pkcs11.txt and secmod.db which are old.

Close SeaMonkey and move them all out of the profile folder.

Copy logins.json, cert9.db and key4.db from your Firefox profile and you should be good.
If 2.49 profile copy logins.json, secmod.db, pkcs11.txt, cert8.db and key3.db but they need to have no master password. Might work or not otherwise with a master password set. If it works delete the old secmod.db, pkcs11.txt,, cert8.db and key3.db if they are still there after creation of cert9.db and key4.db.

logins.json will be upgraded too.


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