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Post Posted November 16th, 2003, 8:45 pm

Mozilla 1.4 on OpenVMS V7.3-1.

I have two POP accounts on the default profile. The 'default account' (Speakeasy) has recently been plagued with anomalies after downloading. I tend to keep a messy inbox (lots of previously read mail); at the time I had perhaps 150 messages in inbox. After doing a new download (about 100 message, mostly virus alerts and spam) I started reading new ones. A few messages in I started seeing mail headers in the body of messages, subjects consisting of many lines of firewall logs, and total dis-association between the subjects in the folder view window and the message text. Anything before the first corrupted message was fine.

After exiting and making a backup of the entire profile tree I re-entered Mozilla (no change seen), compacted the folder (no change). cleaned out/saved/deleted all the older messages (those moved were fine in their new folders), quit again, edited the inbox. file (which had text in it for both moved/deleted and yet undeleted files), re-entered again and verified that the messages still didn't sync with the subjects. I then deleted all messages, recompacted, restarted Mozilla, sent myself 20 test messages, some fairly long. The first few messages were OK, but after that the same problem was displayed again.

After that I shut down, moved the inbox. and inbox.msf files out of the profile entirely, sent another 20 messages to my speakeasy account, and restarted. Mozilla re-created the inbox files, downloaded the messages... and the same problem occurred again a few messages in.

I've been using 1.4 (the 1.5 final port is not yet available for VMS) for many weeks before the problem occurred. Speakeasy told me that there have been no changes on their POP service or mail stores in the past few weeks. I'm using spam checking, but no automatic filtering or automatic moves of suspect files. No other folders in this account, and no folders in the secondary POP3 account, are having this problem.

Any thoughts? I would expect that any possible internal corruption would have been taken care of when the files were recreated from scratch.

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