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Greg C. Miller

Post Posted November 19th, 2003, 11:44 am

I've discovered that if you render multiple pages completely in javascript in a framed environment, when you click the back button, your scripts no longer have permission to access functions that they should have, example follows:
// file nutscrape_frames.htm
function generate_error() {
alert("Hey it works");
function generate_new_display() {;
top.display.document.write("After clicking the BACK button, click on <a href='javascript:top.generate_error()'>generate error</a> and the javascript link will no longer work, instead generating an uncaught exception: permission denied in the javascript console");
</HEAD> <FRAMESET ROWS="100,*"> <FRAME SRC="nutscape.htm" NAME="cbar">
<FRAME SRC="about:blank" NAME="display"> <NOFRAMES>
<P><I>This document requires a browser that can view frames.</I></P>
// file nutscape.htm
<P><A HREF="javascript:top.generate_new_display();">Click this twice to dynamically render a new Page</A>
then click the BACK button</P> </BODY>

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