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using Mozialla 1.5 and ISDN dialup, the mailer does download any message in the INBOX - not even after selecting it - until I open the Junk folder once and switch back to INBOX after that. Then also the junk mails are marked and moved.

Junk mail controls are enabled, and incoming messages should be moved into the Junk folder on the IMAP server. The same problem occurs under Windows as well as Linux. With Mozilla 1.4 everything went fine.

What happened?



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I received an email one month ago, and when I tried to open it my computer sent a message that the email had a virus attached. I then quickly deleted the message, and set up a message filter to automatically delete all messages marked with this sender's name. I check my trash daily, and I noticed that I am still receiving messages from this sender, and my computer is opening them as it downloads them from the server because they are marked as read.

How can I have my computer to automatically delete these messages from this sender without the computer putting itself at risk of getting a virus when it automatically reads my emails as it downloads emails from the server?

I would appreciate what ever assistance you can provide regarding this problem.


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