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Post Posted November 21st, 2003, 1:59 pm

Every couple of weeks when I start up Mozilla all my settings are reset to their defaults. Homepage, search engine, email settings, security, EVERYTHING!!! Its as though i just installed it. It really isnt that big a deal its just annoying as hell. Im currently using 1.5 but this has also happened with previous versions. Also when i view certain pages, like PCGamer, as soon as the page loads Mozilla automatically closes! This also happens with IE. I thought it may have been because of spyware, but after checking my system with Spybot AND Ad-aware(which they found none), and then reinstalling both IE and Mozilla I still have these problems. Im running Windows Xp Home.


Post Posted November 23rd, 2003, 3:36 am

Ever since downloading Mozilla 1.5, I've been having lots of issues that never existed with the previous versions. First, the Personal Toolbar Folder doesn't work, and all my previous bookmarks are erased, then some syntax error shows up, and now, every preferences I've made are reseted and all my saved passwords are erased. This is getting EXTREMELY ANNOYING. It has even made me consider using IE again. :cry:

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