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Post Posted November 26th, 2003, 2:43 am

I have winXP and Mozilla 1.5. I try to print on HP LaserJet 6P, 2200D, 2100D, 2300D. With windows drivers (6p) i get very buggy results - table elements are missing, text lines dropped etc. Somthing is printed, but not all. The same buggy picture i get in print prewiew. Some e-mails are printing ok, some with very small font (6pt or so), some are printing with several lines missing.

I set up HP original drivers. With 2100 and 2200 printout is now excellent, with others it is not.

I tried Mozilla on WinME. LJ6P with win drivers - ok, LJ2200 with HP drivers - buggy.

Is there a solution?


Post Posted November 28th, 2003, 3:10 am

I must reply to myself...

If i disable printing optimizations (Properties - General - Printing Preferences - Advanced on HP LJ 6P), printouts are ok. This works on HPLJ2300 too.

Its a workaround. I hope there will be more robust version.

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