Unofficial x64 Build of SeaMonkey - v2.19 is a Bust!

Discussion of third-party/unofficial Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey builds.

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By the way, check out the last two posts here. I said nothing wrong. I only asked "why"?


But your moderator (who is just a load of Loud Noise) had to go call me a whiner, and lock the thread. You and your ilk are just a bunch of useless who tell everyone else how to think. (by the way, I would never EVER espouse crap like this on a forum, but you have proved yourselves a worthwhile audience of , who have this club house mentality.) It's either think as we do, or hit the highway, so I will!

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Because we've had people trolling about 64-bit Windows versions of Firefox for many many years and it's gotten really old. Mozilla does not go out of it's way to make sure Win64-specific bugs are fixed, which means any bugs that appear in the source will be passed down to any custom build, and they have been accumulating. We have also yet to hear any conclusive evidence that 64-bit builds in Windows are any faster than normal builds. Pale Moon and many other custom builds ditch important features to make themselves faster, no 64-bit required.
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