Revival of pre-Australia UI [WIP]

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Post Posted March 11th, 2015, 7:50 pm

Today I hacked Firefox 31.5 ESR with Firefox 28 browser/omni.ja/chrome with some browser.js and content.js hacks and I got a fairly working browser! (pre-Australia complete themes are working as well!)

But since I don't very familiar with new browser/omni.ja changes many things are broken ATM.

Any ideas?
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Post Posted March 12th, 2015, 3:45 pm

Any attempt to "fork" the pre-Australis UI is going to be ridiculously difficult to maintain, and will probably cause almost all extensions that interact with the UI to break as they will be expecting the post-Australis UI. Australis was not just a "theme" it was a complete restructuring of the customization system, including deprecation of some old methods and creation of many new methods.

Modding the post-Australis UI to look similar to the old version is the best course of action for compatibility. In fact, if I was to do something like this I wouldn't even bother with modding the stuff in /browser/, I'd just build a replacement Default Theme and possibly a companion extension that does the work on top of vanilla Firefox.
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