How to make FireFox more like Pale Moon? Are 64 bit browsers

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I like the way Pale moon remove/disable useless features to lower the footprint, but palemoon still have problem with many australis only extensions. I use a lot of site specific extensions and old versions of these extensions are useless when the sites update. Because firefox changed to australis, newer versions of these extensions do not work with pale moon. So it looks like sticking customizing firefox to be as close to pale moon is the only option right now. How should I adjust firefox to make it more like pale moon?

Are there lightweight firefox derivatives that closely follow firefox's updates like the way popular linux distros usually do? I am running win 7 and win 8 just to be clear.

Btw, which 64 bit firefox based browsers are worth running? Cyberfox or Waterfox? Cyberfox seems to up to date as firefox while waterfox is slower. I looked up Cyberfox and I quite like it, but it seems to have quite a few unnecessary features, how should I adjust it so it becomes less bloated?


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Why do you not try out Seamonkey? It is the best compromise between add-on compatibility and bloat... Almost all annoyances from Firefox are not existing in Seamonkey.

Cyberfox seems to be maintained by only one developer. This i would consider a risky bet too. Give Seamonkey a chance and you will be surprised in a pleasent way!

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Whoa, Seamonkey is so retro, feels like I was using a win2k browser again. It doesn't seem as easy to use as pale moon or australis.

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Well, yeah. SeaMonkey offers more functionality than Firefox and has retained a lot of features which Firefox got rid of over the years. As for appearance, that's what themes are good for. :roll:

There is an add-on converter available for SeaMonkey, thus quite a few Firefox extensions can be used with SeaMonkey even if the author didn't bother to make it explicitly compatible.

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celtic_superhero wrote:Cyberfox seems to be maintained by only one developer.

Just wondering, are there other reasons not to try Cyberfox? I am still kind of on the fence, so if there are more deal breakers, it will be easier for me to drop it.


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I would suggest giving it a try. How many developers it has shouldn't really be a major thing to worry about, so long as it's still being actively maintained/updated. No reason not to try it out anyway, and also check out some themes for SeaMonkey as well. It's possible to make it look very Firefoxy without too much trouble if you don't like the default retro look.


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I made the switch to SeaMonkey a few years ago and have not regretted it once! In case you are interested in giving it a shot:

I've built an extension to make SeaMonkey more like the Firefox 3.x most of us are comfortable with: ... n/sea-fox/

And here's a tutorial on transferring a Firefox profile over to SeaMonkey:

Even after using the Addon Converter that rsx11m mentioned, there may be some "Austrailis-ready" extensions that do not run (or do not fully work) in SeaMonkey... yet. The blame here is solidly on Firefox developers. They created a system that would only work on Firefox and then wrote the new Austrailis customization system around that. Really boneheaded. SeaMonkey developers and the Addons Converter developer have been working to get it all patched up and running. It's already mostly working, just a few last things to work out.
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I have written many patches for slimming: ... ini/29.0.1

My 38.0 lite edition is developing yet, but I have no much time at present.

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