Is there a way to get the gtk behavior of FF43 in FF46?

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I'm coming to you from Fedora-23.

I want a firefox which will:

1. Display scrollbars using a gtk2-only theme; 2. Display correctly (i.e. show the slideshow newsfeed and obey its fast forward and reverse buttons). 3. Play the video at ... ng/?no-ist and 4. Play videos at

No judgment intended as to the relative merits of these websites, just, they represent an assortment of rendering challenges.

The official Fedora build of Seamonkey-240 passes all four tests. I presume, therefore, that Firefox-43 would also, though have not tried it.

Both the Mozilla release binary and the current official Fedora build of Firefox-46 fail test #1.

I have tried rebuilding Firefox-46 with 'ac_add_options --enable-default-toolkit=cairo-gtk2' but that build, while it will pass test #1, now fails test #3. Evidently the #3 webpage uses a spinning-circle "video is loading" widget which requires gtk3.

Since Seamonkey-240 will both display widgets from a gtk2 theme *and* play the video of test #3, including its gtk3 (I presume) simple question to the Mozilla development team is this:

What parts of the Seamonkey-240 source code (or, the Firefox-43 source code) must I swap into the Firefox-46 source in order to get the perfect gtk behavior of Seamonkey-240 in Firefox-46?

Thank you for your attention to this problem.

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#3 loads the video for me in Light 46.0 (which has gtk2). Have you tried it yet Keisha? ;)

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Sure enough, light-gtk2 passes all four tests.

Moreover, I've been able to build it locally myself. I don't know what the key linker flag switch or mozconfig setting was to enable this to happen, but I'll take it!

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