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What I want to know is if I download a copy of Firefox's source code, what do I need to change in the source to make the compiler give me a compiled version of Firefox but with a different title, EXE name and icon to the default?

Basically, what do the developers of, say, Waterfox or Palemoon modify to give their fork a different name and icon to Firefox?

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Without compiling, you can unzip, change and zip some JAR or JA files to change the title. The exe can be renamed just like any file and works fine.
Changing the icon can be done with an icon changer or "resource hacker" software ... .exe-file/ as long as Firefox does not use a built in checksum which I don't think it does. Note that all of these changes will / may be undone if you let your modified Firefox update.

But, you can compile Firefox. You will by default get a browser called "Mozilla Browser" instead of Firefox I think. For most Windows users compiling will be a pain, I'd expect figuring it out to take a typical user a full workday.

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I have so far found out that this folder in the source code is used to change the branding: ... g/official

However, I have had so much trouble trying to get Firefox to compile on both Windows and Linux that I have shelved this project for now.

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