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This problem is with the TOR Browser which is integrated with Firefox. I'm aware
of one TOR forum and most of the discussion is with high level programmers.
That does not include me.

I've got two extensions that add a toolbar button. When the button is clicked a
drop-down box appears which is the GUI for these extensions. The problem is
the boxes are almost empty.

Both extensions with links to all versions:

AdBlock ... /versions/

HTTPS Everywhere ... /versions/

This image shows the drop-down box for HTTPS Everywhere. As you can see, it's
almost empty.

I removed and reinstalled HTTPS Everywhere. That briefly fixed the problem until
I closed and opened TOR Browser. The drop-down box was empty again.

If I added several more extensions I'm almost certain they would have the same empty
drop-down boxes. I'm not having any noticable problems with TOR browser. Should I
uninstall and reinstall the browser? I need a solution.
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Moving to 3rd Party Builds...
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Well, there has to be a browser that will work on the "darknet" and "clearnet." I'm a TOR
newbie, but the TOR/Firefox integrated browser is used by millions. It would be nice if
there was a stand alone TOR browser. New browsers require years to build.

HTTPS Everywhere is bundled with the TOR install package. If it wasn't working for most
users, there would be a lot of complaints. I have to assume my installed copy of the TOR
browser had a corruption problem. The next step is to uninstall and reinstall the browser.

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