Error when Trying to build Thunderbird with hg

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When used the guide on how to build thunderbird using this link here: [url][/url/

However, after installing the mozilla-build folder and downloading the mozilla core and thunderbird cores, + running bootstrap and beginning the build process, I encountered the error:

" 0:06.33 checking for hg... not found
0:06.33 DEBUG: hg: Trying 'C:\mozilla-build\python\Scripts'
0:06.33 ERROR: Cannot find hg
0:06.38 *** Fix above errors and then restart with\
0:06.38 "./mach build"
0:06.39 mozmake.EXE: *** [;115: configure] Error 1''

Going into the python/scripts folder, i find that it in fact does exist:
$ ls
easy_install-2.7.exe easy_install.exe hg hg.exe pip.exe pip2.7.exe pip2.exe python27.dll virtualenv.exe

How do i fix this error?

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How do i fix this error?

Run "mach bootstrap"

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