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Discussion of third-party/unofficial Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey builds.
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Trunk build is crashing on AIX by setting mLoaderType as NS_LOADER_TYPE_INVALID. ( I have built the trunk build 20 days ago and that time it worked fine.

After debugging the code, below is what I have observed.

With new build ( which dumps the core ), the registrar->RegisterFactory(info->mCID, info->mDescription,info->mContractID, fact) (in "nsXPComInit.cpp":273) is invoking nsComponentManagerImpl::CreateInstance(const nsCID &aClass, nsISupports *aDelegate,const nsIID &aIID, void **aResult).

Where as with the earlier build ( which wasnt dumping the core) the registrar->RegisterFactory(info->mCID, info->mDescription,info->mContractID, fact) (in nsXPComInit.cpp":277) is invoking nsComponentManagerImpl::RegisterFactory(const nsCID & aClass, const char *aClassName, const char *aContractID,nsIFactory *aFactory).

Note sure what prompted to call different functions from registrar->RegisterFactory?

Can someone please help me understand ?



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Moving to Firefox Builds. The Firefox Bugs forum is meant for completed releases of Firefox. eg.
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Shailen is this a regression?
Do mozilla builds crash the same way?
If so, can you find a regression range?


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Doesn't this really belong in the Third Party/Unofficial Builds forum?


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On it goes to Third Party Builds....
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chob : Yes Mozilla Firefox trunk build is crashing the same way on AIX.

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