Solved!How to build Firefox 3.1 with mercurial?

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Wow! Great! Thanks for sharing your solution so everyone could learn from it! :?
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Short Windows guide for reference:

1) Install MozillaBuild 1.3, ... up-1.3.exe
2) Pull source using "hg clone src"
3) Add "mk_add_options AUTOCONF=autoconf-2.13" to your .mozconfig file
4) Build as previously (make -f build or profiledbuild)

Instead of make -f checkout use hg pull -u or hg update to keep your tree up to date. hg pull -u only updates the files that have changed, if you are missing a file you need to use hg update.

You can also use hg status to see how your tree is doing.

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A minor clarification. I believe that you do the clone once, to create your mercurial local repository (working directory)

after that, if you want to get the latest changes, you CD to your mercurial working directory and do an hg pull -u

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