Lightning (Google Task Repeat)

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Post Posted April 7th, 2019, 6:44 pm

Lightning (Google Task Repeat)

Google has just updated the "Tasks" application to incorporate repeat functionality. Great !!

Will Thunderbird / Lightning incorporate this to mirror this functionality and take advantage of it? That would be incredible !*

As of now, there is no "repeat" function when I select the Google-linked task entry.




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Post Posted April 7th, 2019, 10:57 pm ... 01317.html described the new features they were planning on adding to Thunderbird this year. They didn't mention anything like what you want in their list for Lightning:

* Remove use of all calendar XPCOM components and replace them with
simple JavaScript classes if possible.
* Make the calendar and tasks tabs self contained, preferably using
html only
* Make it possible to completely defer Lightning startup, including
the alarm service and any other background services
* Change the Thunderbird UI Integration so that most calendar features
are only visible once triggered, e.g. user really wants to accept a
calendar invitation
* Reduce or eliminate XPCOM dependencies
* Finish ical.js and remove libical

[^^ This one mostly from Philipp]. Make calendar less reliant on Mozilla
internals. Figure out how to make ical.js performant enough to let us
move over to that completely.


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Post Posted April 8th, 2019, 5:50 am

Moving to the Calendar Forum

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Post Posted May 7th, 2019, 11:09 am


Google is a bit confusing with its tasks (or maybe I'm the one permanently confused...).

There are two different "calendars" available under

Tasks, which has a very minimal interface, allowing you to create tasks. Tasks have an ending day (and time) and can have a description.
A task can now have an end time but not in Thunderbird.

Reminders have expanded as well. They don't have any description and can be repeated.
Thunderbird does not access the "Reminders" calendar.

Just to make things more confusing, tasks and reminders are displayed on Google Calendar for computers, but only reminders are displayed on Google Calendar for Android.
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