Lightning (Google Task Repeat)

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Post Posted April 7th, 2019, 6:44 pm

Lightning (Google Task Repeat)

Google has just updated the "Tasks" application to incorporate repeat functionality. Great !!

Will Thunderbird / Lightning incorporate this to mirror this functionality and take advantage of it? That would be incredible !*

As of now, there is no "repeat" function when I select the Google-linked task entry.




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Post Posted April 7th, 2019, 10:57 pm ... 01317.html described the new features they were planning on adding to Thunderbird this year. They didn't mention anything like what you want in their list for Lightning:

* Remove use of all calendar XPCOM components and replace them with
simple JavaScript classes if possible.
* Make the calendar and tasks tabs self contained, preferably using
html only
* Make it possible to completely defer Lightning startup, including
the alarm service and any other background services
* Change the Thunderbird UI Integration so that most calendar features
are only visible once triggered, e.g. user really wants to accept a
calendar invitation
* Reduce or eliminate XPCOM dependencies
* Finish ical.js and remove libical

[^^ This one mostly from Philipp]. Make calendar less reliant on Mozilla
internals. Figure out how to make ical.js performant enough to let us
move over to that completely.


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