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Post Posted September 3rd, 2019, 7:29 am

In my Thunderbird calendar, I have my Google calendar and also one named "Home" in the list of calendars. Neither are locked. If I create an event to the Home calendar, it appears only locally and does not sync. That was the default when I started using the plugin. When I create an event, I must make sure it is set to the Google calendar. Once I have done that, it stays as the default.
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I think there may be a couple of things getting blended in this thread. The OP was not seeing a way to get Reminders from Google Calendar replicated in Lightning. For the purposes of this discussion, reminders can best be thought of as events with no invitees, not the pop-up that occurs just before an event.

They aren't really Tasks, as they don't necessarily require effort/action, or get marked complete and shouldn't block out space on a day. They can be simulated with an event, but the problem is that Google treats them separately. Reminders created on the web interface show up on my phone, but do not show up on my desktop. That's kind of the issue. Secondary problem would be any changes necessary to get Provider to recognize and transfer them.

The implementation in Lightning could be done similar to how Tasks are done as kind of a separate calendar overlay, or the entries in the main calendar could just be typed as reminders.


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Is there a bug filed for that enhancement?
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WaltS48 wrote:Is there a bug filed for that enhancement?

My first submission. Doesn't really comply with guidelines for good submissions, but the form is more designed for bugs than enhancements.

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