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Hi, just wondered if there's an easy way to make the category coloured ends on Lightning Calendar entries bigger ? I used to use an extension called 'Calendar Tweaks' which actually coloured the whole entry with the category colour, but since upgrade to 68, this no longer works and the developer has said he will no longer support it due to the amount of work required to update it to work with 68. Just wondered if there's an easy fix, but please bear in mind that I'm not a coder.. :crazyeyes:

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'Calendar Tweaks' has now been updated by the developer and works perfectly with TB68+. The latest Version 8.1 update has a few minor improvements and a new option. 'Calendar Tweaks' is a wonderful add-on for the calendar. :-D
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I would like to either change the color, or preferably eliminate, the small colored rectangular icons at the end of Calendar entries included on a couple of subscribed holiday calendars. If I'm not mistaken, these are category icons of some sort. They are a dark purple color.

I don't see a way to change or delete these icons with Calendar Tweaks. But maybe I am missing something.

I think the old Customize My Bird addon offered an option to delete the display of these icons. But that addon is no longer supported by recent Thunderbird/Lightning versions.

Is there a way to delete (or manage) these icons somehow with .css code?

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Try this:

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/* Thunderbird userChrome.css */

@namespace url("");

.calendar-category-box-gradient {
  width: 0 !important;


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Thank you, @morat. That worked!

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