Unable to Dismiss or Snooze Google Calendar events

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Apologies in advance if this post belongs in a different section of the forum. This is my first visit to the forum and I couldn't easily spot a 'better' category.

Issue: Using the latest build of Thunderbird, Lightening and Provider for G-Calendar, I am able to see all events in my online calendar, but am not able to modify the Reminders related to those events.

The builds:

Lightening 0.9
Provider for Google Calendar 0.5.1

Details: I am accessing the Calendar through the Private Share (XML) address provided by Google and, as mentioned, have no trouble logging in and viewing calendar events. The problem occurs after Lightening presents a list of Reminders of the day's events and I try to Delete or Snooze those reminders.

A dialogue window pops up and says "An error occurred when writing to the calendar XXXXXXXX!". When I choose the "Details" button on that dialogue window, Lightening reports "Error Number: MODIFICATION_FAILED".

Is this funcationality not yet supported by Thunderbird+Lightening, or am I missing a setting somewhere?

Thanks for any help!


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Post Posted April 20th, 2009, 12:37 pm

Moving to Calendar.
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I am having a similar problem although I am not getting an error message. The reminders screen just sits there doing nothing after clicking on snooze or dismiss. Need to "x" out but the reminders keep coming back every 15 minutes or so. Quite annoying.

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I can confirm that the reminders for GCal do not dismiss. They do keep returning.

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Same for me. Getting 150+ reminders every time I load up TB, even after hitting dismiss all...

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Thanks for the replies -- at least I'm not nuts. Or not the only nut.

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Post Posted April 27th, 2009, 2:12 am

I have filed a bug report for this on Bugzilla.

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Post Posted October 12th, 2009, 2:39 pm

Has anyone found a fix for this?

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I had the exact same issue. I fixed it removing the extension (you should not upgrade an existing one it seems). I mean removing lighting and provider for Google calendar.
I then closed and restarted Thunderbird and re-installed the extensions and all of a sudden it worked without re-entering the Google calendar URL.

Should I had just a thing ? the Zindus extension ( ) is a cool extension that seamlessly add your Google contact into Thunderbird address book.

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I just started having this issue as well and downloading and reinstalling the latest versions of Google Calendard Provider and Lightning has not helped. I'm running on Ubuntu Karmic Koala.

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I notice many of the reports concerning google calendars mention the google calendar provider. I haven't used the provider for quite some time. Is there a list anywhere that compares what features work with the google calendar provider that don't work when accessed using lightning's caldev (and vise versa).

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@bikergeek : A "detail" of great importance. I re-installed the ubuntu packaged version not the latest from Mozilla corp...

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