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When I receive meeting invitations by email (thunderbird+lightening), how can I choose which calendar the meeting will be added to? Specifically, even when a choose dialog appears, it only lists 2 calendars (I have 4), and I can't figure how it selects them.



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Post Posted January 11th, 2010, 11:35 am

What Lightning version do you use?

The dialog will only list calendars that support email invitations. Do you use different types of calendars?

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I'd like to revive this topic.

I have several calendars (google, zimbra, yahoo, and local) on Lightning.

However, when I get an invitation and accept it, I am not offered a choice of calendar. The event is just (seemingly arbitrarily) added to my google calendar.

I cannot understand why Lightning wouldn't ALWAYS ask which calendar you want to put the meeting onto. I mean, even if a calendar type doesn't "support" invitations, it certainly supports events! I want to get information about an event, and add it to a calendar -- I could give a damn whether all the tricky back-and-forth (trying to emulate Exchange) is supported. I just want to put the event onto a calendar that I choose.

Lighting should not make these arbitrary decisions, or, at least, should allow you to control this behavior (without hacking the code, which is what I'm about to do now).

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I've been trying to sync Lightning with my iPhone 4 via Google Calendar. I (finally!) got email invitations to go into the correct calendar by right clicking the Google calendar I had set up on Lightning with CalDAV then selecting Properties, and making sure that the email I use with Thunderbird was selected. For the original Lightning calendar I had been using before I got the iPhone, I had to select "None" as its email. I also deselected this other calendar so that none of its events show any more, and new events do not go to it any more. I only have the two calendars, and now I only use the new one, the Google calendar via CalDAV. I guess I could probably delete the other one, I may do so once my confidence is up in the new arrangement! I have never seen a choose dialog appear, even when I set both calendars to use my email.

Another "trick" is that I was unable to get any of my original Lightning events to sync to the Google calendar, only ones that were created post setting up CalDAV-Google-iPhone would sync. Obviously this is not acceptable, I need these events as well, many of them are future events. So I exported my original calendar to a ics file. [Then I figured I didn't want any of the old events (I had stuff going back 3+ years) syncing to my iPhone, so I editted the .ics file to get rid of any pre-2011 events. I kludged this by converting the file to a text file, then just using notepad to edit it.] I then went to gmail and imported this file into my Google calendar. This worked, but initially I had two copies of everything appear in Lightning. This was easy to fix by deselecting the original Lightning calendar and only using selecting the Google calendar that is linked thru CalDAV.

It all seems to be working OK, but it is ridiculous that it took a week to set up and no-where are there instructions that explain how to do it.

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When you look in the "Properties" of any given agenda (left-hand panel in the Agendas window), you will see a choice of e-mail accounts to which an agenda is linked. If agendas 1 and 2 are linked to e-mail account A and agenda 3 is linked to e-mail account B, then any invitation you receive through your e-mail account A will only be placed on either agendas 1 and 2. Likewise, any invitation you receive through e-mail account B will only be placed on agenda 3.
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If agendas 1 and 2 are linked to e-mail account A and agenda 3 is linked to e-mail account B, then any invitation you receive through your e-mail account A will only be placed on either agendas 1 and 2

Yes, and that is the whole problem. Why should the "To:" address on an email limit the calendar choices on which an email invitation may be placed? I have a variety of email addresses, and I often get email invitations on account A that really belong on agenda 3. This happens because either the sender used the "wrong" email address to invite me, or I have some particular reason for wanting an invitation addressed to A to be on calendar associated with B (or C or D).

Either calendars should support association with multiple email addresses (in which case I would associate *all* my addresses with *every* calendar) or the whole pointless notion of trying to be "smart" and restrict your choices should just be jettisoned.

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I'm having a problem choosing which calendar to accept an email invitation to. I'm not sure if this is the same situation as the original poster's or something different.

I'm using Thunderbird 3.1.10 and Lightning 1.0b2.

I have multiple email accounts set up in Thunderbird, let's call the two critical ones and

I have three calendars with the following configurations:
Home: uses built-in CalDAV provider to access Google calendar at account, email setting is set to
Work: uses built-in CalDAV provider to access a second Google calendar at account, email setting is set to
Untitled: local calendar file, I think this was the default calendar when I installed Lightning, email setting is set to

All three calendars have "read only" unchecked, "show alarms" checked, and "cache" unchecked.

Email arrives today addressed to with event invitation. When I accept the event, the item is added to the Untitled calendar. On other occasions, accepting event invitations cause a window to pop up where I can choose between accepting the event to Home/Work/Untitled.

Why does this calendar selection pop-up only appear sometimes?

What I'm suspecting might be part of the problem is that my account can also accept emails addressed to me as I had originally created the email accounts and calendar accounts when I was using as my work "From" email address. In February, I had changed to using for my work account "From" address, changing the email address in Thunderbird as well was the calendar email address in Lightning.

Is there a way to force the calendar selection pop-up to appear for every event I accept?

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