Lightning calendar entries being marked as tenative

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I'm running a Windows 7 machine, TB7.0, lightning 1.0b7, provider for google 0.8 and a Verizon DroidX all syncing to google calendars.

All three things are syncing between each other just fine. Since the update of TB and Lightning (this morning for me) making a calendar entry on my Droid (I assume the path is from the droid, to google calendar to my laptop) causes Lightning to register the status of the entry as Tentative and it shows as a different shade of the calendar color. If I make a calendar entry directly in google calendars via the web lightning shows it as confirmed and it appears normal. I can manually change the status to confirmed directly in lightning however if I'm in the field all day there is a chance I will forget when I return to my desk and I would hate for lightning to not remind me of a event because it was tentative and the alert didn't go off or something like that. Plus, it sounds crazy but having these entries a different shade/color drives me nuts. :)

This is new as of today with the updates. I have searched the web and searched directly here. I have also attempted to see if there is an option setting on the phone or in lightning that I'm missing. I can not find anything different in the way I make calendar entries on the phone that would be causing this.

I appreciate any insight on this.

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Have you ever received a useful answer to this? Happens to me as well on my HTC Sensation

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I see this also. I can find NO way to change the status in Lightning. How did you do it?

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Anything? Anybody?


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You can change the status in the Edit Event dialog using menu Options > Status. Or ask Google to either mark events as accepted by default or to set no status at all when creating the event.

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Solution can be found here: ... post338463

Add following css code to your userChrome.css file, mostly found at C:\Users\»your username«\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\»some random letters«\chrome
If last folder and/or userChrome.css don't exist, just create them.

Code: Select all
agenda-richlist-item[status="TENTATIVE"] {
    opacity: 1 !important;

I really would like to see an option in the settings for that!

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