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I don't use nor wish to use an electronic calendar. I found that when people occasionally invited me to an event by embedding a calendar invitation within a mail (not as an attachment), I could not see any of the information in Thunderbird. I tried using Lightning, but that adds thousands of extra files to my profile to no useful effect, and I then discovered that if you try to accept an invitation, the mail is not sent from the account that received the invitation, and that this bug (475886) has been around since 2009 and shows no sign of being cured.

I have therefore removed Lightning. Is there any means (another add-on?) by which I can get the calendar invitation to appear in the email?

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I think that what you see depends on who sends the invitation and most importantly what platform is used for the calendar and where is the server.
Right now almost all invitations I have received have been made either from Outlook or an iPhone connected to the office calendar platform (calDav).
I don't know if the things would be different if they were connected to an Exchange server, Gmail or another kind of calendar platform.

I normally use Lightning, but I have disabled it to see what happens. So here is how I would have received an invitation:
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Subject:    Our Meeting

Location:    8, my Street, myCity
When:        2016-05-18, 08:45 - 11:45 GMT -4:00 (180 minutes)
Organizer:    Ms Organizer (
Required Attendees:    Mr. One (, Ms. Two (, Michel (,

So this is what you would receive if you don't have Lightning installed. It is not as pretty as it would be if you had Lightning but it still is useful. You can take note of the event (it's on May 18th at 8:45) and of the location, which is as it was described by the human who filled in the invitation. And you can even reply to to tell her that you will be attending... or not.

Michel Gagnon
Montréal (Québec, Canada)

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