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I've recently moved from Outlook over to Thunderbird / Lightning to try to see if it can work as a replacement, and I'm running into a problem with meeting invitations.

Any meeting invitations sent from another person in my company will NOT show up in the normal list of emails so I can accept/decline/etc. Instead, those meeting invitations seem to get "auto-processed" by the calendaring system without any notification. The only way I know if I've received a meeting invitation is to keep looking at the number next to the "Invitations" link in the status bar at the bottom:

If I load up Outlook, I can see that internal meeting invitation sitting in my inbox.

This makes it extremely difficult to deal with last-minute meeting invitations - I end up getting a message from someone saying, "Aren't you joining the call?" and I feel confused for a moment and then I click on that Invitations link and I see that at some point (who knows when - there's no indicator), someone sent me a meeting invitation that I never saw.

Meanwhile, meeting invitations from anyone OUTSIDE my company come into my inbox and give me the options to accept, decline, etc...

Does anyone know why the calendar in Thunderbird/Lightning works one way for meeting invites from internal sources, and a completely different way for meeting invites from external sources? And is there any way to just make it work the same for both (preferably so I can see the invitations in my inbox) ?
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