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I've searched here and Google for a couple of days but can't find the answer.
I've installed Lightning in TB and added a calendar on a 2nd tab. I want to add a 2nd calendar on a 3rd tab. Is that possible? If so, where can I find the instructions?


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I don't think so. You can have two or more calendars (I use 10), but they are all displayed on the same page. The concept is that you put calendar 1 in green, calendar 2 in yellow, calendar 3 in purple, etc. and you either display a single one or all of them at the same time so you see your entire schedule, no matter how complex it is.

There is one round-about way that MIGHT work. I must warn that I haven't tried it.

– Define a second profile for Thunderbird and configure Thunderbird to run multiple profiles at the same time.
See this page: ... e-profiles
and this page: ... _same_time

– Use Lightning for both profiles. Configure Calendar 1 in the first profile and Calendar 2 in the second profile. Or if you want more, you could have Calendars 1 and 11, 12, 13 in the first profile, and Calendars 2, 3, 4, 5 in the second profile, etc.

Since both profiles would run in two different windows – and at the same time if you wish – you could then view both calendars (or both sets of calendars) side by side.

One further tip: if you load online calendars (ex.: your office's, Google), you could even load all your calendars on both profiles. As long as you don't update both profiles at the same time, it should work OK.
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