Need help embedding a lightning calendar in my web site.

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I attempted to post this question a few minutes ago but it doesn't seem to have been posted so I hope this is not a repeat.

I am presently using Google Calendar and have it embedded in my website. Google will not let me scroll weekly, as Lightning will, so I am going to switch to Lightning if I can get my Lightning calendar embedded in my site as Google is.

I have attempted to understand about WebDAV and ics files but I am having trouble.

Can someone please tell me a simple way to embed my Lightning calendar into my web site as I have done with the Google Calendar?

Would appreciate the help.


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Post Posted May 1st, 2016, 6:46 pm

This a duplicate of your How do I embed my calendar on my web site? thread in Thunderbird Support. The rules (see the link in the upper right corner) state cross-posting is not allowed. I'm going to lock this one since the other thread has several replies.

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