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Basically, I'd like Thunderbird with lighting calendar to act as default Evolution does when accepting a calendar invite. That is:

- I have multiple email and calendar accounts (doesn't everyone!).
- If I receive a calendar invite via email address xyz@, I'd like to be able to easily select email account abc@ to save the calendar event to BUT allow the auto reply to the invite sender to receive confirmation via xyz@.

As of now, Thunderbird responds to the sender of the calender invite via the email account I save the invite TO, and not via the email account I received the invite to.

Make sense?

Is there a setting or plug-in that can change this? Again, FYI, Evolution does what I want by default...(it's about the only thing I like about better about Evolution. lol)

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Post Posted May 5th, 2016, 9:46 am

I've discovered that if I manually open the .ics file attached to an invite email, and use evolution as my default .ics reader, I then have the option which calendar to save the invite to. Of course, when I accept/reply via thunderbird it adds another calendar event on the local calendar....better than nothing but not ideal.

I'd really like Thunderbird to allow me to save the invite to a different calendar and NOT change the sender of the invitation response.

In short, why does Thunderbird force that "invitation response email account *must equal* calendar account"?


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I'd assume its due to how the Lightning add-on is designed, not Thunderbird. Moved from the Thunderbird Support forum to the Calendar forum as you have a better chance of getting a workaround there.

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