[SOLVED] Migrate Outlook 2007 calendar to Lightning

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whats the best way to migrate the Outlook 2007 calendar to Thunderbird Ligthning?
When I export the appointments as csv it produce a lot of garbage for the recurring appointments. Instead of creating one with the information about the recurring period it creates single ones repeating from the give range.

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I would have expected you to export it as a .ics (iCalendar) file. See ... 23bf6d4675 for how to do that.


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Moving to Calendar forum.

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Thank you, again a M$ solution :-D
I don't understand why they don't build this into the import/export section and hide this again, like with the contacts, anyway.

Short description (menu translated from german):
- Open Outlook 2007
- Select calendar
- Right click: send as mail
- In the new mail select the attachments
- Drag and Drop them into a folder
- Now you can import the ics into Lightning. Menu: Events and Tasks, Import
- done

The next step will be the notes and tasks. If i found no solution, I create a new thread in this friendly and responsive board.

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