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On the bottom of a calendar entry the status is shown. ("Temporary", "Confirmed" etc. - in my case Dutch words are shown)
When a new entry is made the status is by default (?) 'temporary'. The problem is that this entry is not synchronised with my Google agenda. When I manually set the status to 'confirmed', the entry is synchronised.
1. where can I find documentation about the status settings?
2. can I set the default to 'confirmed'? How?

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I have the same problem ;/

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The only bit that seems to work with status are 'confirmed' and 'tentative. 'Cancelled' does not work. If a new event is created and the status is set to 'Tentative', then the entry appears greyed out on the calendar. Mousing over the entry on the calendar shows whether the event is set as 'tentative' or 'confirmed'. Changing the status from tentative to confirmed removes the greying-out.
One thing that does not work at all is setting the status to 'Cancelled'. It has no effect on the status. If an event is created and status is set to cancelled, the event still appears, but with the status as 'confirmed'. Changing the staus of an event to cancelled has no effect on anything either, and the event remains set to confirmed or tetative - whatever it was set to before.

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