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I am using Postbox email client (v 4.0.8) and have installed add-ons Lightning 1.0.1 and Provider for Google Calendar 2.7 but when I go into Calendar from Events and Tasks (Postbox menu) I have a blank calendar (no events).

There is one Calendar listed in the left panel of the Postbox Calendar tab (I cannot see how to have more than one calendar listed) and if I double click it, I can associate it to an email account from the list of accounts set up in Postbox (including gmail), but whatever email account I choose no events appear.

I can use Apple Calendar successfully and see all my calendars including Google. I can also see my gmail mail in Postbox but Postbox/Lightning is not synching to Google calendar or any other calendar it seems.

Can anyone help?

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Post Posted July 12th, 2016, 8:48 am

I've figured it out myself! I needed to create a new calendar (right click on Calendar panel, click on New Calendar..) and make it a 'Network' calendar. This allows me to identify it as a Google calendar and put in my gmail account name - then connects to Google and give permission to Google to link to Lightning.

Problem solved! Only remaining niggle is that I can only refresh calendar every 30 minutes or 60 minutes. I would prefer to automatically refresh more frequently (although I can refresh manually).

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