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I really like that in Lightning tasks can have more than one category.

MY/OUR(?) PAIN: Now, probably I am not the only one to have many many tasks listed and have trouble keeping oversight.

MY SUGGESTION: Add to the left pane (next to "Show" and "Calendar") a list of all categories with check boxes. Depending on what's selected the matching tasks are displayed at the right (main pane).

THE RELIEF: This way you can quickly find specific tasks, you can look for "David", "Project_Treehouse", "uses_wood", "discuss_with_Peter" or the intersection of them.

CURRENTLY: You can sort by (the first) category (once you have added it to display in the main pane), you can search (using the category name, if you remember), you can have different calendars for different projects (no intersection i.e. AND-join of tags possible).

QUESTION: Is there a lightning extension that already does something along these lines? Anyone interested in hacking this? Please get in touch!

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