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I have the Thunderbird calendar on my desktop computer, and on two laptops. Is there a way to sync the three calnendars, so that an update or change on one will show up on the other two?


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Do you have any issues with using Google ? It seems many folks do, but I am quite happy to use Google Calendar as a sort of go-between. You need to set up a google calendar on the google site, then install the add-on 'provider for google calendar' on each installation of TB. This will give bi-directional access to you google calendar. Changing any one of your calendars will then copy that change to the Google Calendar, then the Google Calendar will copy it back to all the other instances of TB next time they are run. The added advantage is that you can also access the Google Calendar from any PC by logging into google and you can also sync the google calendar to your phone. I use this set-up to sync two instances of TB (one on Win 10 and one on Linux on PCs), an iphone and a Kindle Fire tablet. Changing any one changes all the others. Works fine for me, though as I say, some people just don't like or don't trust Google.

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