Can Lightning be configured to send out an email reminder?

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Instead of a pop-up? I have my phone with me all the time but I'm frequently away from my laptop for days. I'm certain to see an email reminder on my phone, a pop-up on my laptop not so much.


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As far as I know, there is no such option. One of the problems is that local Lightning calendars work only when Thunderbird is active. So you would have to keep your laptop computer on and Thunderbird up and running all the time.

There are a few alternatives, but all require that you use an online calendar. For example :

1. For each local Lightning calendar you currently have, create a new calendar on your Google or iPhone account.

2. Export the content of your local Lightning calendar (.ics format works best for Google Calendar) and import it in your Google (or iPhone) calendar.

3. Connect your online calendar both on Thunderbird and on your phone.
– For Google calendars, I would recommend using Provider for Google Calendar, as it allows a very easy connection.
– I have no experience with iPphones, but have also used the same principle for our office calendar hosted on our office server.

4. Once you have done the above and checked it thoroughly, you may deactivate your (former) local calendar.
I currently use three personal calendars hosted on Google, two office calendars (Webcal) hosted on our office server and a few read-only calendars for informational purposes.

Once you have done that, you can view and edit your calendars on your computer using Thunderbird with Lightning. And you can do the same on your phone via the phone application. Any changes made on either platform will be reflected on the other.
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