can thunderbird do these? (Linux)

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if not it's ok, just have to know, looking everywhere

bare minimal needs -- if im using for 'dated/timed items'

at a specific, shows me a sound notification on chrome or somewhere on the screen

forever until i turn it off

need to be able to repeat an action every day (a plus for every 1 or 3 hours, etc.)

bare minimal needs -- if im using for 'todos'

has an easy way to place 'rank/importance' on things as i add them

needs to auto-sorts the list by rank/importance -- has to be automatic or what's the point?

only the above matters, everything else is irrelevant
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Those are not standard Thunderbird functions. You might look at an extension like ReminderFox to see if that would meet your needs.


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You can use either the Lightning or ReminderFox calendar add-ons to create dated/timed items that have an alarm. Alarms can be configured to be either a popup or a sound. You can configure them to repeat daily. I don't know if Lightning lets you repeat it more often than that (I'm using ReminderFox). I'm used to to-do lists being sorted by date. I don't know if Lightning lets you auto-sort by rank/importance. (ReminderFox documentation) ... dar-add-on (Lightning Knowledge Base articles, there is no on-line documentation that I'm aware of)

Its also possible to use the Google Calendar in a tab in Thunderbird (rather than with a browser) using the Google calendar tab add-on. There are also add-ons such as Thundertabs that let you open any web app in a tab in Thunderbird.

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