Lighting 4.7.8 Incompatrible with Thunderbird 52.0.1

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Post Posted May 30th, 2017, 12:41 pm

I had a problem with Lightening in TB 52.1.1 (couldn't see the invite info) and went back to 52.0. Dan helped me locate the old version: ... ases/52.0/

I went to the link, clicked on the 32 version for my Windows 32 machine.

Then choose the eng-US version, saved it to my disk.

Found it on my disk, clicked on it and it installed itself perfectly with my old settings and voila! fixed.

Thanks Dan and the T-bird forum!

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Post Posted June 12th, 2017, 1:05 am

Dear all,
I think I've solved the problem reported some days in the past.
The reason was a very large SQLite DB (15 MByte) - I use the calendar also for my daily job activities reporting and maybe some mismatched indices...
First of all: creating a backup of the [profiledir]\calendar-data\local.sqlite is very helpful :-)

* In the old thunderbird installation (v45.8.0) I've deleted a lot of old entries (e.g. from 2006 to 2015)
* then I've opened the file with the SQLiteAdmin ( download e.g. at ... ator-59579) and
* cleaned up the database to really delete the entries in the database (Lightning seems to mark the entries as deleteted but will not delete them in the database) and to reorganize the database. This shrings the DB-size from 15 MByte to 8 MByte
* Update thunderbird to the actual version - calendar works properly.

I would like to let you know if there will appear something unexpected in the future.

All of you thanks in advance for your support and your kind interest in this wicked problem, yours

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