Entering a flight across time zones

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Is it possible to enter the sart time of a flight in one time zone and the end of the flight in another? I can not find this feature within Lightning.

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Yes you can. I'm not sure how easy it will be to follow your agenda after that.

When you create an event, click on "New event" and add details as usual.

Before you close, click on the menu "Options –> Display Time Zones".
Then, your default time zone will appear besides the event start and end times.
Click on the time zone displayed (ex.: America/Toronto), select the proper time zone... or "More time zones" and select the proper one.

As I said, I have never worked on multiple time zones and I'm not sure of the ergonomics.
For example, I have defined a flight from 5:00 p.m. ET (America/Toronto) to 0:00 UT (Europe/London), then saved it.
When I click on the event to see the details, it correctly displays it with both time zones; however on the monthly calendar, it displays it in my computer's time zone (5 – 7 p.m. Eastern Time).

Once you travel to Europe (for example) and want to display your agenda using European time rather than U.S. time, you'll need to change the master time zone. Click on ALT to display full menus, then select Tools –> Options, then go to the Calendar –> General tab, and select a different time zone. From that time onward, the main calendar will be converted to that time zone. Note that selection of a different time zone needs to be done twice: one for the computer as a whole (in the parameters) and once specifically for Lightning.

The above work for any local agenda you'll have. If you use a remote agenda, time zones need to be supported by the distant agenda too. I'm aware that Google agendas support time zones, but if you have one on OwnCloud or a local exchange server, that server also needs to be time-zone aware.
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