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hi @all,

i'd really like to work with tasks in lightning, but at the moment i am not satisfied with the solution. searched the web and this forum, but failed to find a suitable solution for me.
i use different calendars for private and business use and some more. every new appointment will show up in the week/month-overview in the color of the calendar i chose. this works fantastic for me.

but i could not find the same for the task planning. i can activate the column "calendar", but then it will only write its name in this colomn. but no corresponding color of the calendar.
if i have some dozen tasks here, i will not find the task i am looking for. at least not really quick. because there is not my calendar color showing up.

i would like to have different colors for different types of tasks:
- private my wife
- private my kids
- private sports club
- private music band
- business daily
- business planning
- business PR

... just to make some examples.
and if i want to know, what i have to do in the business PR, i will only look to the tasks, that are colored in "business PR" and find here: facebook update, work on wordpress implementation, get new server for website, ...
even better would be to select and unselect several colors to only see the ones of interest.

long post for a quite simple situation. but honestly, is there no solution for that? no settings and even no plug-in? it would also work, if i could choose a color when creating a new task.
afaik, there was a solution in sunbird in the past. but for lightning? found chromatasks, that is no longer updated, and does not show the colored background, only the font color would change here.

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