Event times changing with new time zones - disable?

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Hello all,

I had a read through previous topics about the time zone issues, but couldn't find a satisfactory answer to my issues.

I'm having trouble with how Lightning changes the times of my events. Perhaps it's the way I use it/the way I'm thinking that is causing the issue, but here is an example.

I always put the time of an event as the time of where I will be in that day when it affects me. That just makes sense in my head. Right?

So more clearly: Say I'm in London (GMT). I book a return flight to New York and want to add both legs of the flight to my calendar.

For the outbound to New York, no problem, but the return. Let's say that the flight leaves at 21:00 (9pm). That's how I put it in the calendar when I booked it, still being in London. Now I go on my trip, and as I open the calendar in New York the return flight now shows leaving at 16:00 (4pm) because the calendar adapts to me being in the Eastern time zone. In this example it's still fairly easy, but it gets quite irritating when it starts jumping days and all.

I guess it's good that by default it changes because some people might not think about it and for many events, say a scheduled phone call, it's helpful. However the way I use it, always putting events down in the event's local time, it gets messy.

Is there a way of shielding selected events from time zone changes, locking them from being affected? Or if not, disable it completely for the whole calendar?

I's a Google calendar by the way, if that makes any difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't think it can be changed for local calendars and for network calendars. Basically, all your information is served in Universal Time and corrected locally.

While there is no work around, you could set up Lightning to always display time zones.

1. Open the "New Event" dialog box.

2. Select "Options –> Display Time Zones".
Now, time zones will always be displayed to the side of each appointment.

You will still have to select the proper time zone for each event (ex.: London vs New York), but seeing the time zone identifier beside the time should remind me that you need to check the time zone.
One final note: Thunderbird / Lightning uses as default the time zone defined under "Tools –> Optiosn –> Calendar".
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