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Hi crowd, I have an issue im not coming along since weeks. Im running a little company promoting houses of my clients to short term rental platforms such as airbnb and so on. To manage that stuff i use a channel manager of german engieering called The channelmanager provides me a gateway - an export link and a insert field for the link to import both in ical. I need to provide my clients an uptodate calendar (which i do with the export link) and to the same time make them able to sync the calendar with their own blocking/occupation of the particular object/calendar. In my research - among the comon calendar apps - i didnt find any possibility in any app to get the "answer" export link to supply into my channelmanager.

As i use thuderbird as my standard email client (i never used the calendar function) I now explore the calendar feature at thunderbird and also at lightning. I urgently hope these apps can provide me a solution to my dilemma as im tired to sync calendars by telephone and email. And i hope the mozilla environment can provide these solutions as you are the first forum i find about the issue among all that colorful and blinking app ads in the google stream.

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