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I'm not sure if this is a problem on the client or server side. This is what I am trying to implement:

EssentialPim(via built-in CardDav)<=owncloud=>(via Easy Dav)Contacts+

The android side of things works flawlessly for contacts as does calendar synch (so far) for both desktop and android. However, on the desktop side the synch works except that the email field does not map properly. In fact if there is something already in the field on owncloud then it is erased after a synch. Also I exported my contacts from EssentialPim into a csv then imported them into owncloud. Same problem. The email field is blank.

I feel this is a field naming problem as EssentialPim is not very flexible. In fact there are no facilities to do any mapping for synchs :O The field in question is called email. I've tried renaming it to different things but no success. Any ideas? I've attached the csv file minus the actual contact info in case that helps.


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