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Post Posted August 10th, 2018, 3:46 pm

In the past i had one profile directory for both linux and windows.
And i can read write to the google calender.
What i have to was this
in a extension drecotory for the calender have to change those file and it works.

in the install.rf file
have to add the lines below

Make the file libical.manifest in the directory components
With the following lines in
binary-component Linux_x86-gcc3/ abi=Linux_x86-gcc3
binary-component Linux_x86_64-gcc3/ abi=Linux_x86_64-gcc3
binary-component calbasecomps.dll abi=WINNT_x86-msvc

So i could read the calender
But now the directory is cone.
And a file is now with the same name as the old directory but have extension xpi.
But from the past i now that the file is normally a zip file.
So i change the extension to zip.
change the file like i say before and set the extension back to xpi
But when i start thunderbird there is no calendar and the calendar and google extension switched off switched on restart then it works.
When i do that in windows i see the calendar
But when i go to linux no calander extension are switched off and the same if i have them turn on in linx and go to windows they are switched off


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Post Posted August 11th, 2018, 8:36 am

Just like the Thunderbird application, there are separate versions of the extensions for each operating system. Linux uses one and Windows the other.

When you share a profile, and run the Windows version of Thunderbird, it looks for the Windows version of the extensions, Linux the Linux versions. If the extensions are enabled in one version (Windows), the profile knows you are using those versions of the extensions.

Changing operating systems (Linux) and running Thunderbird, the profile still sees the extensions as Windows versions. You need to enable the extensions in the Linux version to tell the profile you are using the Linux versions.

You can either live with that, or use separate profiles for each OS version of Thunderbird.
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in the past i had to change to files and it works

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