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Post Posted August 30th, 2018, 4:25 pm

Hi Folks, I am pleased in how I have got TB Calendar to look and function although not auto updating my gmail calendar events.
My Gmail calendar is called My Diary, the one in TB is called Home.
I exported the gmail setting, imported into TB so far so good.
I had added new events to Gmail, which when imported into TB they gave double entries.
I made a new calendar in TB called it My Diary and deleted Home calendar.
Export & import worked ok again, I made a few temporary events in gmail, then repeated export / import and got double entries again even when both had the same name.
Is their an easier method of importing after adding new events in gmail?


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Post Posted August 31st, 2018, 4:18 am

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Post Posted August 31st, 2018, 6:35 am

You might want to install the Provider for Google Calendar extension. ... e-calendar
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Post Posted August 31st, 2018, 9:19 am

To the OP, I read your question last night and didn't quite understand it. I think I now understand what you have done and what is the problem.

[*] What you have done (probably)

You have copied your data from Google Calendar to a local Lightning calendar.
In Google Calendar's web page, you most likely right-clicked on the calendar, exported the data as an ical zipped file. Then in Lightning, you imported the data in a brand new calendar that you had created in Thunderbird/Lightning.

Essentially, what you did is good if you essentially decide that you don't want to use Google calendar anymore. But I think this is not what you want to do. You want to use both systems: Thunderbird/Lightning when you consult your calendar from your desktop, and your phone (or the web) when you are on the road. So for that, you need to keep your Google Calendar active and subscribe to it. That's where the Provider for Google Calendar extension becomes useful.

TIP. If you are still using Thunderbird 52.x, install the previous version of the Provider as the current one has a bug with reminders. (If you have installed the newer version lately, uninstall it and restart Thunderbird.


1. If you use Thunderbird 60, install the current version of Provider for Google Calendar.
If you use Thunderbird 52.x, install version 3.3 instead.

2. Quit and restart Thunderbird.

3. In Lightning, add a new agenda this way.
– In the left sidebar (calendar list), right click in the empty space and select "New Calendar".
– In the following dialog boxes, click on "On the network", Next; then "Google Calendar", Next.
– In the next window, select an existing Google account that's already linked to your calendar.
Since you probably don't have any yet, enter your Gmail address in the blank line.
If you have entered a new address, there will be a new window where you confirm your gmail address, enter your password, authorize Lightning to access your data... (Sometimes the dialog box appears behind some other window)
– Select one (or more) of your calendars
– Click OK. You will receive a confirmation that your calendar(s) have been created.

4. (Optional)
If you want, right-click on the name of the calendar you just created and select "Properties".
– Give it the name you want (It won't change its name on Google Calendar's webpage nor on your phone).
– Select the email address linked to the account (available for the main calendar only); this is useful for calendar invites sent by other people.

5. Watch and see your calendar slowly populate with your data. If it doesn't happen quickly enough, right-click anywhere in the left sidebar and select "Synchronize calendars".

At that point, if you add an event in this calendar via Thunderbird/Lightning, you'll see it appear on Google Calendar's webpage and on your phone. And vice versa (you may need to force manual synchronization).
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Post Posted September 1st, 2018, 1:00 pm

First of all, thank you all for trying. Its not that you failed, I have devised a solution.
My Gmail calendar sends me an email at 0600hrs on the day of the event if its All Day.
If I use a timed event, I get an email 8hrs before. Most have the time of the event in event name which I can see in schedule mode.
All emails get handled by TB.
In TB Calendar Options, events are displayed 1 day in advance.
Next time I need to export/import caledar events, I will make a new calendar, name it the day it was done then delete the other one on both my computers. This way if my pc requires a system restore, I will know when the events were input.

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